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Trance Mission




At twelve remarkable public trance demonstrations the highly evolved soul Joseph revealed his global mission…

…Collected here for the first time is every word of his empowering, enlightening guidance for our age.

Trance Mission is a complete record of those meetings, expanding and reinforcing Joseph’s message, answering a multitude of new questions and offering spiritual seekers the key to self-empowering personal and global transformation.

As with each Joseph Communications title, this book’s contents are shot through with his refreshingly no-nonsense approach to spirituality, and constitute a vital blueprint to gently navigate humanity and our world through today’s personal and planetary crises into a lasting state of peace, harmony, and spiritual understanding.

Highly illuminating, deeply spiritual and presenting practical information on every page, Trance Mission also gives a unique insight into Joseph’s background and will immerse all who read it in the unique and irresistible atmosphere of his public trance appearances.