Open Monday to Friday
9.00am - 5.00pm


06.05.17 - 27.09.17
Nutritional Healing & Naturopathy Practitioner Diploma
Saturday 06th May - Wednesday 27th Sep


This course is ideal for everyone and anyone who would love to explore the field of Nutrition from a truly healing perspective. If you wish to heal yourself, develop the skills required to facilitate others in their healing process or simply expand a long standing interest in Nutrition and Healing then this course is perfect for you.

Being held over two blocks of five consecutive days, this course also includes home study with no deadlines, so is perfectly designed to fit into everyone’s individual lives and time allowances.

Interest free payment plans available to everyone.

Saturday 6th May – Wednesday 10th May inclusive.
Saturday 23rd September – Wednesday 27th September inclusive.
10.30am – 5pm

For more information please:
Email us at
Phone us on 01749 671555
Text on 07900953001


Lesley Pierce
01749 671555

Mindful meditation and Self development
Monday 25th Sep



Tutor Madaline Sedgewick

Mindful meditation and Self development

A six week  course. £10 per week/£8 Concessionary


Discover your light body, open your psychic abilities,

learn how to meditate and many other topics.

Work within a small group, with open discussions and support.

Monday September 25th 1:15pm till 3:15pm


26.09.17 - 30.10.17
Tuesday 26th Sep - Monday 30th Oct

Provides you with an opportunity to change the way you look at things – so the things you look at change


This course is presented over 6 weeks


Dates:            1. Tuesday 26th September

  1. Tuesday 3rd October
  2. Tuesday 10th October
  3. Tuesday 17th October
  4. Tuesday 24th October
  5. Tuesday 31st October


Note:              Each 2 hour session is designed to follow on from the previous one in sequence. The sessions slot into each other – like building blocks.


Time:             7.00pm – 9.00pm (EVENING COURSE)


Venue:           The Sanctuary of Healing, Dewhurst Road, Langho,

Blackburn BB6 8AF (in the Organic Café)


Cost:              £60.00 for the 6 week course – if paid upfront

£12 per session – if paid at each weekly session

A £10.00 deposit is required to secure your place


Facilitator:    Veronica Simister – Transformation Guide, Life Coach, Hypnotherapist, Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) Practitioner, Heal Your Life Teacher (Louise Hay Philosophy) & Reiki Master


More Info:     Tel: 07798 632975   Email:


The Olive Jar  presents a different way of looking at yourself and at life (at material things, people, situations and circumstances) and provides practical ways to realise change. Its content embraces the philosophies and teachings of A Course in Miracles, Louise Hay, Eckhart Tolle and Byron Katie.


The course is about expanding awareness/raising consciousness – it is about awakening.


The Olive Jar offers a safe space to:


  • Look at life differently
  • Step out of limited thinking
  • Improve self-talk – become your own encourager and supporter
  • Shift perspective and perception
  • Consciously focus your attention
  • Experience insights/realisations
  • Be present – the power of Mindfulness
  • Observe/Witness
  • Listen at a deeper level
  • Forgive yourself and others
  • Learn practical techniques to improve your life


 “If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change”

~ Dr Wayne Dyer

Free Philosophy
Thursday 28th Sep

Philosophy aims to set you free. Free from pressures and worries, free to grow, free
to be more yourself. So it seems fitting that a philosophy course should itself be free.
This 10-week introductory course in practical philosophy looks at life and its meaning,
The world and its causes. It also considers what holds the individual back”

What sets us free? Based on the classic philosophies of east and west, it invites
students to see life as a place to test the words of the wise”

As places are limited you will need to enroll on-line at

To enquire further please phone 0800 803 0799 or

starts Thursday, 28th September 2017
1.30pm to 3:30pm
The Sanctuary of Healing
Dewhurst Road, Langho
Blackburn 886 8AF
“The course is completely free, however there will be a single pavement of £10 to
cover administration costs
Practical Philosophy Narth West
A branch of the School of Economic Science Charity Number: 313115

Monthly Gong Bath first Friday of every month, Oct 6th, Nov 3rd ,Dec 1st, Jan 5th 7:30pm
Friday 06th Oct

£10 per person
A gong bath is best experienced lying down, so please bring whatever you need to be comfy on the floor. Cushions, blankets, mat etc.
During a gong session, your body absorbs sounds that it needs for healing whilst filtering out what is no longer required. The complex, yet delicate, overtones of the gongs, allow your superficial thoughts to dissipate and you can easily reach a much deeper consciousness leaving you in a very calm, relaxed state. The gong vibrations continue to work long after the gong bath has finished. Gong healing works on various levels – physical, mental, energetic, emotional and spiritual. Negativity and chaos are suspended; irregularity and resistance disappear and the whole being is returned to harmonic balance.
A lot like love, the gongs need to be experienced!
Come along and try this treat for the soul. Ask anyone who has experienced the gongs and they will tell you it is the ULTIMATE reset button.
Thank you muchly X
contact Ondray for more info 07870947130

Module 1 – Certificate in Practical use of Crystals – Personal Development  18 November 2017
Saturday 18th Nov

Jackie Winters Fm BACH ITEC

Nominated as a Finalist for Tutor of the Year FHT Awards in Excellence 2017


British Academy of Crystal Healing
FHT Accredited Therapist Diploma in the Art of Crystal Healing

 Next Intake 18 November 2017

Module 1 – Certificate in Practical use of Crystals – Personal Development

(Delivered 1weekend per month over a 6 Month period)

cost of course   £840 per module
(2 modules are required to complete the Diploma payable in instalments

Module 2 – Advanced Diploma in the Art of Crystals Healing – Therapist Qualification (
Delivered 1 weekend per month over a 6 Month period)

Cost £840 (£70 per unit)

Link to learn more and reserve your place


BACH 2 Day Short Course:
FHT Accredited Beauty with Crystals: Body Massage and Facials


Course: The aim of the course is to develop personal awareness of the natural light emitted specifically through the mineral kingdom and how to use it effectively within the Beauty and Wellbeing sector.


Pre requisite:  Level 3 qualification in Beauty Therapy, Massage Therapy, Crystal Therapy or Reiki practitioner (or equivalent)


Course Cost;               £270




Link to learn more and reserve your place


One day Introduction to Crystal Light Therapy


Vibrational Medicine is now entering our world and will be used as a preventative to illness and disease. Intuition plays an important role in Crystal therapy however time spent studying and researching brings knowledge and wisdom to offer the student the opportunity of becoming a master in this art.


  • Basic physics to understand the natural wave of energy expansion and contraction. Transmuting “live” energy.
  • So how does it all work? Bio photonic energy exchange, we are all light photons as explained by Einstein.
  • It’s all about harmony and balance: finding the correct frequency for you.
  • Introducing the crystals and how they can help.