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Joseph Communications

Joseph the Communicator

I am convinced that all human lives are journeys, and that there are no ‘destinations’ on this plane of existence.

My personal journey has been blessed with various influences at key moments in my life… For example, I came into contact with Joseph once The Sanctuary had been built.

Joseph is a highly evolved spirit guide and his gift to humanity is his ability to communicate via Michael Reccia, (a trance medium) and to give the world an amazing insight into the workings of the Spiritual World and the true nature and potential of this one.

To date, Joseph has given us seven books of intricate detail – The Joseph Communications – covering in depth such topics as:

* Death and what happens next.

* How we on Earth can truly communicate and interact in a positive, spiritual way with those around us and with our planet.

* Th laws of the universe and how they apply to, and are  part of, each of us.

I have the privilege of sitting with a small group that Joseph has called ‘The Band of Light’ on a  monthly basis, to watch and listen in awe as Michael Reccia vacates his physical body and mind and allows Joseph to take over and give us a word perfect chapter for the next book.

The books are amazing and are read and highly regarded all over the world, with testimonials coming in daily from around the globe stating that the Joseph books change lives for the better and help people make sense of their existence here.

The sanctuary is very much aligned with the teachings of Joseph and it is a privilege to have Michael Reccia as a fellow trustee. The Joseph Communications books can be purchased from this site and from The Sanctuary and further information on Joseph can be found at

Tony Clarkson

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