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Spiritual Development

The Sanctuary is constantly evolving with regard to what it is and what it offers in terms of Spiritual and Personal development.

Our core belief is is that we (the Human Race) belong to, and are part of, a larger, invisible family. That family – the spiritual world – is interconnected in a way that binds everything together. We believe that following a spiritual path means acknowledging this greater family and acting in thought, word and deed in harmony with spiritual law and with each other.

The principal spiritual influence at The Sanctuary to date has been Joseph.

Joseph is a highly evolved Spirit Guide and communicator who has given us wonderful books explaining exactly how the universe works. He does this by delivering his words through trance medium, Michael Reccia, who then, working with a small team Joseph calls The Band of Light, publishes the books to make them universally available.

Public response to the books – The Joseph Communications – has been incredible and they are in demand worldwide. The team has received over five hundred testimonials to date, all saying how the books have helped readers to understand, to evolve and to change their lives.

The Sanctuary’s aim is to offer courses on healing, meditation and personal growth to the highest spiritual standards.


Tony Clarkson

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