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The Fall




Taken from the back cover:
Aeons ago everything changed… and you were there!
According to Joseph – the ancient, highly evolved spirit communicator who has lived in an enlightened sphere of reality for thousands of years – you are ‘not yourself’…
…there’s much more to you than you imagine, and you have forgotten the cataclysm that created today’s dysfunctional societies and wounded planet…
In the Fall, Joseph’s new book, communicated through respected trance medium, Michael G. Reccia, he seeks to reactivate that astonishing inner knowledge, explaining and revealing your spiritual origins.
Each chapter is a eureka moment… helping you to ‘at last make sense of it all’ and, by the last page, many, if not all, of those elusive answers regarding existence and the great mysteries will be elusive no longer.
From the beginnings of the universe to the essential part you take in creation and the reason you are here… if you seek meaning to life in general, and your life in particular, you absolutely, definitely should read the Fall.
…Your views of spirituality, science, and reality are about to change forever.
Joseph: “This is a book that explains the greatest mystery that has vexed philosophers and religious people for thousands of years:
Why is the Earth as it is?
Why is mankind as it is?
Why does it not change?
The whole point of this book is to explain why you are as you are now, why you come back here and why the Earth is a hostile and violent place of seeming lack, and to give you that knowledge (that should resonate with your soul from a time before the Fall) so that you can, through your heart-centre, reason your way out of reincarnation and out of the effects of the Fall. Then the planet can be restored to its former purpose and you can be restored to your former heritage.
What readers are saying about the Fall:

‘If I had to be on a desert island with only one book, this would be it.’ James D’Angelo
‘The Fall is the best book I have ever read.’ Nicola Leach
‘I’ve read The Fall… WOW. The Fall is in my opinion, the most important spiritual book that has ever been written and unless Joseph has another book I will not be buying any more books on spirituality as I don’t need to.’ Jean Whittle
‘It is just awesome!’ Divya Sood
‘The Fall is absolutely mind-blowing! Joseph is giving it to us straight – we either do something or fail. It is one of the most important books around and should be studied by all.’ Wendy Parlett
‘The book is astounding, and very moving. Now I know for certain what I should be doing – thank you so much.’ Carol July
‘Michael has done an incredible and much-needed service for humankind and for those who need Joseph’s guidance. Thank you!’ Alan Wheatcroft
‘Absolutely brilliant!’ Andrew Duckworth