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The Joseph Perspective – November 2016

A regular philosophy column based on the Joseph Communications by Joseph’s trance medium Michael G. Reccia

Joan, my spiritual teacher, hated her birthday, which happened to fall on November 11th., Remembrance Day. Being intensely psychic, she couldn’t help but become aware of the misery and depression the day evoked in so many people each year as they grieved anew for those who had fallen and those they had lost across two World Wars. What’s more, she was regularly visited on the eleventh by the spirits of friends and colleagues she had known personally during the second of those global conflicts, together with many personalities she hadn’t, all of whom were anxious to put across the message that people on earth should amend their thinking with regard to the meaning and implications of the day.

The phrase ‘lest we forget’, from the poem Recessional by Rudyard Kipling, is often associated with Remembrance Day, and there are huge and shocking implications behind those three simple words, because the day is not solely about honouring those who gave their lives in battle, it is also there to serve as a reminder that history is certain to repeat itself if we fail to learn from the lessons of the past. Lest we forget, millions of souls passed to the next life in pain and suffering during two World Wars, grief and loss tearing apart families and communities and the conflicts also leaving countless souls maimed and injured. Lest we forget, we’ve been waging war on this planet for as far back in time as we care to reach (and still are), and hard-won peace has never seemed to last, with violence and aggression eventually and seemingly inevitably raising their ugly heads once more…

…Isn’t it true, however, that many of us do forget these things every single day of our lives? For example, how many times each day do we wage small-scale ‘mini-wars’, actively choosing to dislike someone, or feeling a need to get even with someone, or deciding that someone needs to be punished in some way (if you disagree just sit a person behind a steering wheel and watch their reactions on the road)? How many times each and every day do we feel that some concept or point of view we hold is so important that anyone who opposes it should be met with verbal or mental abuse? In how many houses across the country, at this precise moment, are people venting their aggression by shouting at each other, criticising each other and attacking one another in a hundred different ways?

The reason we never seem to get these traits out of our systems, despite being part of a supposedly advanced society, is explained in the Joseph Communications book the Fall, which examines in detail what went wrong long ago and why, as a result, we are still the aggressive power seekers we always were. The Fall is too vast a subject to shoehorn into a single blog, but I can squeeze in some of Joseph’s observations on wars big and small and what each of us can do to stop them happening…

Here’s Joseph:

‘…You are not blameless in any situation globally because you contribute to it by your perception of it, because you feed energy into it, through the matrix of your mind, dependent on your dominant beliefs.

‘If you would change this world, you have to first recognise that your fears, your angers and your prejudices have power and that you have given them that power. You have created little ‘devils’, if you will, because of your own dominant thoughts. In recognising this you take your power back and you can step back from the daily dramas you enter into and say: “I am not doing this. Wait a moment, I am becoming angry. Why? I am God – God is not angry, therefore I am not angry. I stop the words I am going to say. I stop the thoughts I am about to think and I become calm and I think of something peaceful and loving. If I find myself being angry towards someone (no matter what I perceive them to have done or to be doing against me) I stop my perception of what is happening and I send Love out to that person. If I cannot send Love out to that person, I withdraw from the situation. I refuse to argue. I refuse to feed the fear and to feed their fears.” Remember, just as there are entities around you that you have created, there are entities around other people that vibrate at a similar rate. Fear has a certain frequency; anger has a certain frequency, and once you tap into that frequency you bring towards yourself not only your own fears that are nested around you, but the fears of other people too.

‘Is it any wonder that there are such wars and such violence across the globe?

‘Why should this be? Why should you be capable of creating negative things as well as positive things? Because you are God and because your perception is wrong – because you are lost in the mists of the illusion, but help is always close – the God within is constantly saying to you, “Always remember – be still and I will guide you.’’ ‘

…And here’s Joseph again, commenting on what we can actively do to end conflict:

‘There has to be a change. You will never win a war. No-one ever wins a war; no-one ever wins a conflict. Conflicts are eruptions of violent energy, nothing more. No-one has ever won a war! No-one has ever, on a governmental level or a military level, installed peace, brought peace to a nation. What happens is that the violence feeds and feeds itself until it can feed itself no longer; until people’s thoughts weary of violence. They restore peace to themselves through a longing inside that is put out through the matrix of the mind and peace is then created.

‘No-one wins a war, no-one wins in violence, no-one wins in an angry moment; no-one wins in an argument. You cannot win – you are fighting yourself.

‘You are fighting yourself!’

Things don’t have to be the way they have been and still are today. Change comes when we make a conscious decision daily to contribute to peace rather than to war. It’s simple, we can all do it and, if we need a reminder of the alternative we can find plenty in our graveyards and our parks.

Lest we forget, every cenotaph is not just a tribute to those who have died…

… it’s a message, writ large, that there must be a different way to live.

Michael G. Reccia is a member of the Band of Light and the trance medium who, for the past ten years, has been the ‘communicator’ whilst in trance for Joseph, whose books offer a vital and urgent message for mankind.