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The Joseph Perspective

The Joseph Perspective

A regular philosophy column based on the Joseph Communications by Joseph’s trance medium Michael G. Reccia


June, 2016.


We recently received a letter from someone who informed us that, whilst they send out Light and love to a great percentage of mankind, they find themselves completely unable and unwilling to direct God-Light to those they feel have hurt them in the past, and to those who contribute to damaging this world and making it such a violent and cruel place.


Of course, any attempt to give of oneself and to spend time sending out love and Light for the benefit of others is highly commendable and to be applauded… but what also needs to be considered here is that an inability to forgive is personally damaging, and an elitist approach to Light-giving, judging some souls worthy of our love and others unworthy, limits and dims the effectiveness of personal Light-channelling as a spiritual power for positive change.


In seeking to explain why, could I at this juncture ask those of you who, hand on heart, have never, ever been hurt by anyone, to raise your hand, please?


Hmmm… I don’t have to be psychic to know the outcome of the exercise but I’ll ask, anyway… Is your hand in the air at this point?


Of course it isn’t.


You’ve been hurt. I’ve been hurt. Everyone’s been hurt. Both in small ways and in huge, awesome and potentially devastating ways.


What’s important is how we deal with those perceived hurts, as we always have a choice.


We can either forgive, forget, throw out each hurt with the trash and move on, or we can nurture and revisit them, make a travelling companion out of them and drag them along with us wherever we go, perhaps even choosing to wheel them out periodically as an excuse to justify why we haven’t achieved what we hoped we’d achieve in life and why life has unfolded itself, as we see it, in such an unfulfilling way around us.


If we choose the former course of action we liberate and empower ourselves spiritually, mentally and physically. If the latter then not only do we limit ourselves and slow ourselves down with regard to what we can achieve as we journey through life, due to us hauling along with us mental baggage we should have let go of years ago, and which demands our attention and our energy, we also unwittingly place ourselves in peril with regard to our future wellbeing.


Here’s a sobering and frightening aspect of spiritual physics to consider: each time we revisit a hurt, each time we reinvest in it, hold it to ourselves, glorify it, justify it – ‘enjoy’ it, even, because we become familiar with it and unwilling to let it go – we reconnect with its original effect on us. It tears and claws at our body and our mind and our life with exactly the same amount of destructive force it had on the day we first experienced it. Whether that day was a year ago or a lifetime ago.


Hurts fester. They gnaw away at us. They restrict and debilitate and unbalance us, their effects on us with the passage of time eventually and in many cases causing us to become dysfunctional to a degree.


And then sick.


And then worse.


Forgiveness is liberation.


It frees us, it re-energises us and it allows us to move on. It also frees the other person or persons involved in each of our perceived hurts so that they stop unknowingly reconnecting to us and being bound to us on a subconscious, psychic level, liberating them and allowing them to move on and to evolve spiritually too.


And talking of moving on – once we have become brave enough to forgive and to let go we also begin to realise that everyone on this planet is hurt and that everyone in this world is suffering and wounded – not just us.


We begin to see that being selective with regard to who we send out the Light to restricts our ability to change this world for the better because we are automatically and ironically excluding those who need the Light the most – those souls who have most need of the transforming, illuminating power of God-Light, channelled unconditionally from our heart centres, to enable them to elevate their perception from the darkness that currently holds and directs and imprisons them.


…We also begin to realise that if we won’t consider reaching out to and creating an atmosphere of enlightenment around those souls for the benefit of them, the rest of mankind and the future of our planet then our Light work, in being selective, in being judgmental, in focusing on and condemning and, therefore, helping to perpetuate and maintain the dark, isn’t very effective as Light work at all.


I’ll leave you in far better hands than mine, with a few closing words on the subject from Joseph:


Joseph: First of all, when you send out Light, the most extraordinary, exquisite thing you can do is send it out without bias. It has to be Light that touches every soul; it has to be Light that touches every situation; it has to, again, be Light from the heart.


Each of you is polluted by the Earth plane which has given your physical mind a particular spin – it has a political spin; it has a religious spin; it has a spin with regard to culture; it has a spin with regard to what you regard as being right or being wrong – and as you send out the Light subconsciously you may de-select certain groups of people. Unfortunately, you will de-select the ones that need the Light most – the ones who are the most violent, the ones who are the most entrenched in this physical life, the ones who seek power at the expense of others.


So, sending out Light has to be an unbiased thing and again you have to connect with your God (with whatever your view of Divine Universal Intelligence is) and you have to say: ‘I send out Light unconditionally. I select those areas that are difficult for me – perhaps I cannot come to terms with certain crimes people have done – I seek out those people in Light, in protection, and send out my Light unconditionally to them.’


You can select certain nations that may, as you feel, have an attitude that is injurious to this Earth and send out your Light to them. Become used to sending out Light into difficult areas for you and you will grow, and the amount of Light you will be able to send out will also grow. Of course, include those people you love, include those people who are behaving, as you see it, ‘correctly’ according to your world view. But also include those who don’t, those who aren’t – because those are the situations that can be compared to a ‘cancer’.


Those vibrations hurt the Earth, those vibrations hurt you because people in praying exclude them; they become dark spots – do you see? It is easy to pray for someone who is like you. It is difficult to pray for someone who you perceive as having committed a crime that is terrible to you. But those are the people, those are the situations, that need the most help …that need the most Light …the most prayer. Remember those situations link up – just as the Light-filled situations/vibrations link up around the Earth – the negative vibrations link up. How powerful they are because they are ignored by most religions, they are ignored in most prayers.



Michael G. Reccia is a member of the Band of Light and the trance medium who, for the past ten years, has been the ‘communicator’ whilst in trance for Joseph, whose books offer a vital and urgent message for mankind.