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The Joseph Perspective

The Joseph Perspective

A regular philosophy column based on the Joseph Communications by Joseph’s trance medium Michael G. Reccia


May, 2016.


…The small girl bent the branch downwards with all her might, grasping it in both hands, twisting it from the tree and trying her very best to tear it from the trunk and damage it. Her parents, standing close by and observing this, did nothing to stop her, and it was only once they had wandered away from her to a sufficient distance that she let go of the branch and bounced after them…


…The electric car window wound down at the lights. With one final puff the holder of the cigarette defiantly flicked the still smoking butt away from herself and onto the tarmac, wound the window back up and sped off the instant the red light turned to green.


…A mattress, some dirty old sheets and various other unwanted odds and ends mysteriously appeared on the country road during the night, and now, dark and dismal in the damp morning air, they flapped about mournfully, impaled on the fence and the bushes they had been draped around…


Each of the above cameos is a recent factual happening, and an example of how, in a myriad tiny ways each day, we exhibit a shocking disregard for the planet that gives us shelter and allows us to maintain our physical existence.


From a purely practical point of view alone it makes absolute sense to treat the biosphere that surrounds us with the utmost respect – after all, should it cease to sustain us via its delicately balanced ecosystem we could not exist here. And from a spiritual perspective there is an even greater reason to cherish and care for the planet we live on…


Everything, at its core, is comprised of spiritual energy. When you observe the physical, the material, you are merely observing a crude representation of what lies beneath. That core spiritual energy is an exquisite ‘shaping’ of Light… it is thought and intent given form via the divine, angelic ability to create each of us possesses but have forgotten exists. At source each of us is divine, and each and every expression of creation around us is divine too. And divine thoughts are alive… ergo, and here’s the clincher: absolutely everything you see and experience around you, being divine thought held in a temporary pattern in order to express form, is alive with God energy.


Consider the implications of that statement for a moment. Everything you see and experience around you is alive.


Not just the trees, the rivers, the rocks, the animals and the skies, but also the chair you sit on, the television you sit in front of, the clothes you wear and the car you drive – the spiritual patterns of all these things scintillating with divine intelligence and vitality. Consider also that the material world and the planet it exists on respond to your thoughts and your moods and your intentions, which are also alive, and that the earth and its expressions of creation react to your attitudes and actions towards them, thriving or decaying according to how you treat and perceive them.


Knowing no better because she has not been taught the value of things, the little girl bending the branch is subconsciously sending out the following message: ‘I don’t respect you. You are nothing. You are my plaything. I am more important than you. You are mine to do with as I wish.’


The adult tossing out the cigarette is arrogantly addressing the Earth in a similar manner, never having considered the planet as anything more than a convenient backdrop against which to play out their life.


And the person who dumped the mattress and sheets is doubtless also dumping equally destructive thoughts into the atmosphere on a daily basis.


By constantly disrespecting the earth and creation around us in all its wonderful forms we degrade, pollute and diminish the core Light energy of the planet and its manifestations.


Here’s an eyeopener from Joseph on how our callousness towards the planet is affecting it from a spiritual viewpoint:


‘Looking at your world from a spiritual pint of view we see almost a blackened cinder – the vibrations of the Earth are so dense. That is why communication with the spirit worlds is so difficult, because in order to talk to you we have to bring Light-energy with us as there is not enough Light on your level to sustain communication.’


Here’s another:


‘Your world, under the oppression of the illusion, is dying. It is running out of energy. The globe cannot sustain itself much longer. You draw on its energies but do not replenish them…’


And, finally, with urgency:


‘You have to change things; you have to restore the vibrations of this planet – restore it to the paradise it was meant to be…’


The three examples of disregard for the planet I mentioned at the top of this column are, of course, only the tip of the iceberg. In thought, word and deed, materially and spiritually, millions of souls around this world pour into the Earth negative, violent thought energies each day that irritate the planet until it has no choice but to ‘scratch the itch’, erupting with storms, earthquakes and tsunamis. And when these things happen, people bitterly shake their fists heavenwards and shout, ‘How could you let this happen, God?’


The chilling truth is God didn’t.


We did.


Bent branches, abandoned cigarette butts and discarded mattresses may not seem much in the scheme of things. But they add up. Hourly, daily, weekly, these physical manifestations and the intent behind them affect the planet and everything on it, including their originators.


Is it therefore not high time to recognise that we are part of everything, that we are one with everything at core, and that the Earth needs our Light and our love every bit as much as the people who live on it?


Is it not time to show a little respect to our planet…


…while there’s still a planet left to show respect to?


Michael G. Reccia is a member of the Band of Light and the trance medium who, for the past ten years, has been the ‘communicator’ whilst in trance for Joseph, whose books offer a vital and urgent message for mankind.