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John of God

John of God is a healer based at the Casa Dom Ignatio in the middle of Brazil. On a good day he personally will see individually 100 people, all with serious illness. When you see him you queue in lines and are given two seconds of time. Your illness is told to him in Portuguese and he will say one of three things: 1) Operation 2)Herbs 3) Go meditate.

I first visited John of God in 2002 with my godson Michael, who was very seriously ill at the age of 24. His journey with Cystic Fibrosis was at a very critical stage. CF is a genetic condition. The journey itself was tough for Michael and involved wheelchairs through airports and I had to take excess baggage to contain two weeks worth of medication and special food. Michael received his two seconds with John of God and was told to go to the operating room. An operation consisted of John of God praying for about half a minute with two hundred people present, all with different maladies. Michael then went to bed and slept for two weeks, with me bringing his meals.

Over the next year Michael improved so much that he stopped taking the twenty odd medications per day which he had been on for years and reached the point where he was playing tennis, golf and indoor tag rugby.

At the point of writing this Michael is enjoying life to the full, he still has CF and he still takes no medication. He is now 32 years old and has published two books about his spiritual journey which has happened since that visit. Michael and I have been to Brazil every year since 2002 and probably will continue to visit.

When I first went their I was told that I should also ask for something and I guess I must have asked for a ‘sanctuary’ because when I returned, the building which is now The Sanctuary of Healing was for sale, albeit in a dilapidated state after being empty for twenty years. I bought it and the year after I went to see John of God with plans to show him. He stopped me and said, ” They are perfect, I have already seen them.”

The stories could go on as I have seen miracle after miracle happen in Brazil on a vast scale. The really beautiful thing is that John of God is with us here at The Sanctuary.

Post Script 2015

My godson Michael passed over in 2014 at the age of 37. Both our lives were enriched by our eleven visits to John of God.


Tony Clarkson

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