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A Life Saver’s Guide To Water – Lesley Una Pierce


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A Life Saver’s Guide To Water – Lesley Una Pierce

Water is a fascinating, mystical, humbling substance without which we could not live and yet most people take it for granted. Dehydration is the start of every single health issue. Hydrating is the start of every single solution!

This book will inspire you to begin your journey towards hydration. Lesley, in her usual conversational style, talks about:

  • why Water is so crucial for health.
  • how easy it is to be dehydrated.
  • stress being the most dehydrating thing of all.
  • the emotional connection.
  • what happens as your body/mind moves into drought management.
  • how to kick-start your natural thirst for Water.
  • the types of Water available.

You will also read how Water connects us all and about how powerful you are in influencing the Water as it passes through you, by your thoughts, emotions and the substances you put into your body!

Lesley suggests that together we have the power not only to start our individual journeys towards hydration, but also to contribute to the health of the Water on our entire planet.

An essential read for everyone who is interested in Health, Happiness and Connection!